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Gift happiness with a handmade card.

With her steady hands, my mother stretches out the pizza dough. She then spreads on tomato sauce while I chop up green peppers.

An hour later, we open the oven to see our beautiful creation, a vegetable pizza. Sinking our teeth into its warmth, we cherish it with the whole family.

Gifting someone a handmade card is like preparing food from scratch. But instead of using ingredients, it would be with stickers, construction paper, and markers.

Someone out there in the world would love to be surprised with a card. …

You’re richer than you think

My mum swung open my room door and said, “Joyal’s mom is crying happy tears. She couldn’t believe a stranger across the world would help her son.”

Joyal is in grade four and lives in Sri Lanka with his single mom. I decided to help fund his education.

An American study in 2012 revealed that Americans are more philanthropic as they enter 60 years of age. They tend to have more time, motivation and savings to help others.

So, I could’ve waited to become a philanthropist, someone who donates for the well-being of others.

The only thing was I didn’t…

Develop the psychological trait of hardiness to effectively undergo high levels of stress.

Less than a decade ago, I sat in a movie theatre watching the premiere of Despicable Me 2, an animated comedy film, with my 8-year old cousin.

I couldn’t help but notice the amount of pain the minion characters went through every few minutes.

From falling off buildings, to being treated as test subjects for their human masterminds, the yellow pill-shaped characters went through a lot.

But when a new scene came, their pain vanished into thin air, and they were their bubbly happy selves again.

Even though we can’t fall off a building and expect to have no damage…

The benefit of connection and wisdom between those from different generations

Benny, 78, lives on the first floor of a condo in Ontario, Canada, with his beloved wife, Francesca. They grow tomatoes in their backyard. Their home is filled with photos of their cherished children and grandchildren.

My 20-year-old friend stumbled into their lives on his first day of work as the new security guard.

In the last ten months, he and Benny had many conversations on how to grow tomatoes, world news, fast cars, and faith. They spent every weekday together in the lobby, chatting away like long-lost friends.

Some days the two had conversations over garlic bread and fresh…

Choose when and when not to take a day off.

“I never took a day off in my twenties. Not one.”
— Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder

Now I wish I could say the same as multi-billionaire Bill Gates. But the truth is I took days off. I took days off to help my mom cook a meal, play Scrabble with my family and a game of cards with my grandpa.

As someone in their twenties I failed Gates.

All over social media, I see posts that say, “No days off.” It is a line hustlers nod their head to, heart and share with other hustlers. It makes sense.


#3 They don’t fly away

My family wasn’t always crazy about birds.

At first, I was slightly annoyed at their constant chirping. However, our views quickly changed during the start of the lockdown.

As we were cooped up in the home, with nowhere to go, and no one to visit, we appreciated the daily visits of the robins, cardinals, mourning doves, and sparrows.

On top of waiting for their arrival, we made sure to fill up their water, buy premium seeds and protect their food from sneaky squirrels.

It’s safe to say my family has gone bird crazy(some members more than others).

Worldwide, there are…

A poem from my heart.

I’ve known the sweet taste of honey.
It drips on my tongue on days I have sore throats.

I’ve known the smells of comfort.
As I walk through my home doors,
the smells of biryani rush at me
like a gust of wind.

My mouth savors within
as I imagine the spices and salts
dancing in my mouth in perfect synchronization.

My mum works her magic in the kitchen.
Her voice accompanies the music that fills the air.

She throws a little bit of one thing,
and then does another.

It’s way too fast for my eyes to see,

Save your time and energy better.

Marc Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, wears a grey t-shirt at most of his events. He says it has to do with time management. He finds it faster to pick out the same colour shirt every day than to think of a new outfit.

However, when reviewing colour psychology, grey appears both dull and exhausting.

Wouldn’t you love to add a pop of colour for some pizazz to your outfits? Maybe like Zuckerberg, you don’t have the time or energy to put into picking out your work clothes.

The solution: Hire a fashion stylist to help you with your every…

The importance of occupational health and safety.

I opened my kitchen shelves and reached out to take a teabag.

It was then when I remembered her skin, tanned from hours under the sun’s blistering heat. From dusk to dawn, she trudged across the fields, plucking tea leaves. Not once could she sit down to rest, for they had ordered more tea.

She spent her days working hard in the fields. On her head weighed a dozen branches. She was one of the strongest, and even then, she didn’t earn enough.

So, she cried out with her arms stretched wide open. …

A poem from my heart.

From within my bedroom windows
I hear ambulance sirens calling out in the distance
Their screeches grow louder amid daylight
As they are desperate to fight through traffic to save another’s life

I imagine cars frantically pulling themselves to the side
And pedestrians staring at what goes by

I close my eyes, holding onto this nerve-racking sight
And pleadingly pray that everyone will be alright

The sound of ice cream trucks enter the room
Simultaneously the two sing songs in different tunes

I imagine children bouncing up and down
As they hear the ice cream truck’s joyous sound
The impatient children tug…

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