The word doesn’t say much.

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When I attended a job workshop several years ago, the instructor asked us to choose five words to describe the person sitting next to us. So I picked positive words about the woman beside me.

I initiated a conversation with her before the workshop began, so I was excited about this icebreaker activity. When we exchanged our papers, I looked down at her words for me, and my face fell.

Quiet was one of them. It wasn’t that “quiet” was a negative word, but it wasn’t a word that felt positive either. …

Your well-being matters too.

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While some arguments are healthy, it’s good to be aware of who is around you when having one. We all influence one another, even if we aren’t trying to.

Those who see the steam fly from your ears, the twitch in your left eye and hear words flying from your mouth can be affected by your tones of anger.

Even if it’s not directed at them.

Countless articles address the harmful effects of being angry but witnessing other people become angry can be just as damaging.

It could be your parents, teachers, or people on the streets who spin out…

You’re richer than you think

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My mum swung open my room door and said, “Joyal’s mom is crying happy tears. She couldn’t believe a stranger across the world would help her son.”

Joyal is in grade four and lives in Sri Lanka with his single mom. I decided to help fund his education.

An American study in 2012 revealed that Americans are more philanthropic as they enter 60 years of age. They tend to have more time, motivation and savings to help others.

So, I could’ve waited to become a philanthropist, someone who donates for the well-being of others.

The only thing was I didn’t…

The benefit of connection and wisdom between those from different generations

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Benny, 78, lives on the first floor of a condo in Ontario, Canada, with his beloved wife, Francesca. They grow tomatoes in their backyard. Their home is filled with photos of their cherished children and grandchildren.

My 20-year-old friend stumbled into their lives on his first day of work as the new security guard.

In the last ten months, he and Benny had many conversations on how to grow tomatoes, world news, fast cars, and faith. They spent every weekday together in the lobby, chatting away like long-lost friends.

Some days the two had conversations over garlic bread and fresh…

I remember being in your tiny shoes.

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There are so many of you. I consider you all my little cousins, no matter how distant you are in my family tree.

Each one of you is precious to me.

I remember when I was your age, and the whole world seemed so new. I remember having recess, playing freeze tag and slurping on a slushy.

I remember my older cousins leading games, telling scary stories and inviting me to their house to bake and decorate yummy cookies.

Now I have become the older cousin. I hear of your aspirations; one wants to become the first lady, the other…

Is it okay if I dream of being you? Only for a little while.

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If I were you, I would be lying down in the fields, underneath the light blue sky, just watching time go by.

I’d tilt my head from side to side, imagining what the clouds could form, only to be interrupted by blinding sunlight or the first few drops of an upcoming storm.

If I were you, I would feel as if I had too much time on my hands to be gazing at fluffy white clouds and their hypnotizing designs.

On the other hand, I might feel that I didn’t have enough time to value their true divine.

If I…

A humble request from a bullied teen.

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Dear Heads of Schools,

The other day, I walked by a school and noticed its sign: End Bullying, Practice Kindness.

When I attended grade school, I was a victim of bullying. As a 13-year-old, it affected my psychological development and crushed my self-esteem.

The worst part was I had no one to lean on for support. The staff and students did not take bullying seriously.

I still remember the day when a classmate described me as sympathetic.

My teacher then wrote the word SYMPATHETIC in capital letters on the chalkboard, covered the first three letters, and said, “More like pathetic.”

#1 Analyze the playing field

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Social Entrepreneur, Writer and aspiring Filmmaker

I looked at my bio with skepticism as my eyes laid on the middle word, writer. A writer of what exactly?

I write blog posts, conduct interviews to write feature articles, and have written documentary scripts. However, I haven’t written analytical reports, scholarly articles, or memoirs.

I had assumed that since I study in an English and Professional Writing program, I automatically carry this all-around writer title.

The truth is, I don’t. There are countless writing fields, and each of them requires a different approach.

The same goes for a doctor, a marketing consultant…

Life’s too short for you to give predictable compliments.

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Psychology Today says that attention affects memory formation. When your attention levels are high, the chances of smells, sights, and sounds being captured into your memory increases.

Your attention levels are exceptionally high during unanticipated events. For example, if someone throws you a surprise birthday party, your brain will send out a neuro-alert that something important is happening, and you need to pay attention.

Receiving a compliment is not as big of a surprise as a surprise birthday party, but it is still impactful.

So, here are 3 types of compliments you can give to create meaningful and memorable experiences.

1. The Abstract Compliment

A closer look at psychological safety at the workplace

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After working in a library for two years, shelving book carts has become second nature to me. So, picking a cart that had two rows full of books was a no-brainer.

However, this time the cart toppled over, and the books landed all over the floor. Gasping in front of me was my supervisor!

Within seconds, the branch manager, the people working at the desk, and the other supervisors rushed towards the fallen books.

Mortified at my clumsiness, I picked up the books. They all laughed as they helped me pick up all the books.

“One time, I dropped a…

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